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About Me

Image: M. Scholer

I am an avian ecologist and my research aims to evaluate the effects of global change on the spatial ecology, demography, and behavior of birds (primarily!). My research often takes a mechanistic approach and integrates field observations, experiments, and statistical and geospatial analyses. 

I am interested in both basic questions as well as applied questions pertaining to land-use and management scenarios. Overall, my objective is to conduct research that informs policy and promotes sustainable land uses that consider the conservation of wildlife and human well-being

Recent Publications

Raynor, E., Harrison, J.O., Whalen, C., Smith, J.A., Schacht, W.H., Tyre, A., Benson, J., Brown, M.N., & Powell, L.A. 2019. Anthropogenic noise does not surpass land cover in explaining habitat selection of Greater Prairie-Chicken (Tympanuchus cupido). The Condor: 

Brooks, G.C., Smith, J.A., Frimpong, E., Gorman, T.A., Chandler, H., & Haas, C.A. 2019. Indirect connectivity estimates of amphibian breeding wetlands from spatially explicit occupancy models. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems.

Smith, J.A., Brown, M.B., & Powell, L.A. 2019 Training Wildlife Biologists for Work in the Anthroscape. In: Encyclopedia of Worlds Biomes. Berryman, R., & Gayathri, S. (eds.). Elsevier, NY, USA

In Other News...

September 2019 - The Smith Lab recently attended the joint meeting of TWS and AFS in Reno, NV - multiple members of the lab were recognized in the Women of Wildlife event & Jen gave a talk from her perspective of being a woman in the wildlife profession.

August 2019 - Recently I joined Ira Flatow of Science Friday on stage to talk about my research. Listen to the interview here